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The Roundhouse

Roundhouse Through the Ages

Many pubs have changed names, hands and looks. These photos provide a brief snapshot into the life and times of the Roundhouse

Roundhouse 2018, taken by Elena Juzulenaite
Roundhouse 2018, taken by Elena Juzulenaite

These pubs have been a major part of the social life of the communities of North Woolwich and Silvertown, Royal Docks, E16, giving respite, drink and entertainment for locals, dock visitors and Ferry Festival Pram Racers (1970s-1980s).

Photos provided by Elena Juzulenaite and co-produced with Elena Juzulenaite, Emma Crace and Sophie Millar as part of the Tate Lives Civic Engagement Project with UEL, Craftory and Royal Docks Community Voice. With great gratitude to all on Silvertown and North Woolwich Past and Present for helping to make sense of fragmented spaces.


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