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Royal Standard

An Introduction to the Royal Standard

The Royal Standard by local North Woolwich artist Les Hunt

Royal Standard was build in 1867 and is still open. Before the London Borough of Newham was created, part of the land in North Woolwich E16 was administrated by Kent, part by Essex. If you look at the maps of that era, you will see that the boundary line went right through the middle of the Royal Standard pub. Due to different licensing hours of Kent and Essex locals remember after the last orders were called in one part of the pub, they would go to the other side for extra drinking time.

For more about the land boundaries and history see here.

The artist Les Hunt painted a view of the pub, which is shown on this page. 

Some older locals remember that lunch was served in Royal Standard with white table cloths.

Part of the heritage of the Docks is still retained here, as most of the pubs in the area used to provide exotic entertainment.

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