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About the Trail

Acknowledgements and thanks

Thanks to Colin Grainger for his fascinating articles about the pubs. To read "How Pubs Gave Communities Their Soul - and a Barrel of Laughs and Memories" click here.

We also want to thank Eastside Community Heritage for their dedication to recording and preserving powerful stories of the East End. In 2018 was their 20th anniversary. To discover more click here.

Thanks to every single one of you with connections to Silvertown and North Woolwich for all your wisdom and generosity in helping to gather nearly all the fragments together.

We are grateful to UEL for their interest in providing for the Civic Engagement Project (Tate Lives 2017 and 2018). Our thanks to Dr. Toby Butler who helped initiate and birth the project. Thanks also to Paul Dudman (Archivist) who has been supporting us throughout the whole process. We also are grateful to Heather Whitney for her illustrations for the initial Lost Pubs Map. 

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